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Seattle Air Conditioning Repair Service

We have been in business for over 30 years helping homeowners and businesses with air conditioning services. We are locally owned and operated, fully licensed and bonded and ready to help you with all of your air conditioning and cooling needs. Providing fast and friendly service with the small business touch that has always kept our customers coming back.

If your air conditioner or heat pump are in need of repair we will do our best to complete the task on the spot. If we need to order a part, we will and get it installed ASAP.

Residential solutions We take care of our residential customers with fast and friendly service. Call us day or night and we’ll get our service team to your door as fast as possible!

Commercial solutions We help local business with cooling maintenance/repair, and install new systems. Call us to set an appointment to come to your business. Service contracts available.

It is hard to imagine life without the comfort provided by air-conditioners, especially in Seattle, where average temperature and humidity reach high levels during the summer season. Like any other electrical appliance, your air-conditioner also requires proper maintenance. Most people entirely neglect their air conditioners until problems begin to appear. Crackling noises, leakages, interrupted or reduced airflow, etc. are the common problems air conditioner owners face. With regular maintenance, these problems can be kept at bay.

We Service All Makes and Models – 24/7 Emergency Service Available


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Factory Trained and Certified

Nortech Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration offers climate management for our customers, providing HVAC/R services across the Greater Puget Sound area.

Fast Dispatched Service

Nortech Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration service trucks have a large stock of parts so we can repair your furnace, air conditioner or heat pump on the spot.

Customer Satisfaction

Total customer satisfaction is at the core of our business and every job we perform.

Regular Service and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and repair allows air conditioner owners to increase the life and performance of their machine, enhance its energy efficiency and thus, keep the power bill in check. On average, any HVAC system lasts anything between 10 to 15 years. However, proper maintenance and care can significantly increase the life of HVAC systems by at least a few years. Regular check-ups also give technicians and experts a chance to identify problems before they cause irreparable damage to an air conditioner or become too expensive to repair.

It is impossible to keep air conditioner-related problems away. Like any other machine, your air conditioner is bound to develop some issues over time. Refrigerant leaks, drainage issues, capacitor problems, dirty condenser coils, a damaged compressor, and an improperly-working filter are some of the common conditioning problems. While air conditioner owners can take care of some of these problems on their own, most air conditioner -related issues are complex and require skill and technique. It is, therefore, a good idea to hire an expert if your air conditioner is making unfamiliar noises or if its cooling performance has suddenly taken a hit.

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Hire Only The Best Air Conditioning Contactor

An air conditioner is an expensive machine, and thus, owners must make extra efforts to ensure that they are hiring the right person or company to do the job. When it comes to air conditioners, there is no scarcity of repairing and servicing companies to choose from. This overabundance of options makes it imperative to be extra conscious. Here are a few tips that will help you hire the right air conditioner expert.

  1. The internet is your best friend: Before you decide to hire any company or technician, go online and spend some time reading reviews. Hear what other people are saying about the job done. It is natural to have a few negative reviews, but the positive reviews should far outweigh the negative ones.
  2. Look for a company that offers same-day services: Air conditioner-related issues make emergencies. It is impossible to sit under a fan and stay calm when the temperature outside is breaking 100 degrees. Thus, it is crucial to find a company that provides same-day services.
  3. Choose a company that works with expert technicians: An air conditioner is an amalgamation of several different components that work together to cool any closed space. Most air conditioner owners are unaware of the function of these various components. It is, thus, that the need for an expert technician arises. Only someone with expertise, knowledge, and skill will be able to spot the problem and suggest the right remedies.
  4. Ask for a guarantee: Do not let a company or air conditioner technician have you believe that it is impossible to provide a guarantee for a job done. Anyone who understands the work they have done will be able to offer you a guarantee.

In today’s world, an air conditioner is a necessity. If your air conditioner is experiencing issues, take some out and give us a call We have been in business for over 30 years helping people like yourself with all types of air conditioning repairs and cooling services.

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