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The Beacon Hill Neighborhood of Seattle

Beacon Hill compresses the large strip of land that is located south to the downtown area. It lies in the midst of Rainier Valley and I-5. This community certainly is easy to identify as a result of the presence of the old veteran’s hospital. The hospital is perched on the peak of Beacon Hill. Though Beacon Hills is quite close to First Hill as well as downtown, Beacon Hill does indeed possess a distinctive bold vibe that is essentially part of its own essence.

What is noteworthy of Beacon Hill is that it tends to be secluded from other nearby regions. At the beginning, this was regarded as a considerable problematic issue as a result of no one having a desire to reside in the region, because it was too far removed from other key locations. As time progressed, Beacon Hill underwent regrading, which allowed the area to become more accessible for people.

There was the placement of a trolley line that then caused many immigrants to come to the area to engage in the profession of farming as well as selling their produce.

The Beacon Hill Neighborhood

The region is home to Jefferson Park It is interesting to note that Jefferson Park is a historical landmark for Beacon Hill due to the fact that there was no airport for the US Army airplanes to land in the year of 1918 during World War I. That is why they landed at Jefferson Park. This resulted in the city of Seattle seeing the need to construct the base of Beacon Hill Boeing field, so that there would be a designated place for planes to land.

Beacon Hill has several different vibes all within one community. For example, the north end is quite busy. The top of the hill is the residential section that also hosts a small district of businesses. Then in the south, the region tends to be more serene, as it is more secluded.


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