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The Capitol Hill Neighborhood of Seattle

Seattle’s Capitol Hill recently made the headlines after trying to establish itself as a self-owned autonomous zone not under the United States government rule. This project didn’t pan out, yet brought a lot of attention to this huge, densely populated zone in downtown Seattle.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, either, that the values of the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” were of feminist and LGBT+ inspiration: Seattle’s Capitol Hill has long been known for its values of acceptance, inclusivity and friendliness towards “alternative lifestyles” and “countercultures”; making it an accepting and wonderful area to live in. In addition, with most of its population being young, hip and friendly this area has always been a vibrant hub for nightlife and is full of night clubs, disco pubs and other entertainment spots where you will be able to have fun, meet friends and dance the night away.

The Capitol Hill Neighborhood

This is not all there is to it, however: if you are more interested in the hipster liifestyle there is plenty for you here too. Downtown and in the surroundings you can find plenty of coffeehouses that not only make great coffee, but also offer entertainment such as live music or comedy shows. From here you can easily travel to other cultural hubs such as Pike Street or Broadway, as the public service network is excellent and in tip top shape.

Different landmarks include the “Landmark district”, which includes numerous parks, conservatories and museums.

In addition to the Landmark district there are also numerous parks in the vicinity such as the lovely Cal Anderson park, full of greenery, or the beautiful Interlake park which is great to visit in winter.

We can also find numerous universities of excellent reputation such as Seattle University or Seattle’s Academy of Arts and Sciences, making this area a great spot to live in if you are looking to continue your studies!

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