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The Delridge Neighborhood of Seattle

A wonderful community of Seattle is undeniably Delridge. It is situated on the waterfront of Seattle. Here you can enjoy Pike Place Market once you climb the steps of the waterfront. You will enjoy this amazing food hub that offers fresh goodness every time. In fact, it is further noted that Pike Place Market is truly a historical landmark as well. This is due to the fact that it is the oldest farmers market within the nation.

Delridge has impressive regions that showcase pleasant cobblestone streets that give the place a wonderful historical vibe. Such gorgeous cobblestone streets can be found at Pike Place Market as well. It is interesting to note that Pike Place Market hosts over two hundred shops and stalls. Some of them have been operated for many generations by families.

The Delridge Neighborhood

There are so many delightful sights, smells and sounds here. You can admire art and jewelry that are handmade. You can revel in the scent of the splendid bouquets of fresh flowers. In addition, you can enjoy sampling tasty seasonal fruit.

Delridge is a unique place that draws street performances for some great entertainment. Enjoy an abundance of cafes that offer a homey vibe. Visit some artisan cheese shops and some small bookstores. If you love pottery, there are many pottery shops as well. Are you an antique collector? Then you will be thrilled with the high-end antique shops that have wonderful items to add to your collection.

The waterfront is a great place that displays an abundance of seafood. Try some crab, salmon, oysters and other types of fish. The area has some great specialty supermarkets and some refined clothing stores for beautiful fashion.

When you are in the Delridge community, you cannot help but notice the Space Needle that soars in the skyline of Seattle. The structure is slender and was construed as a central focus of the World Fair of 1962 that was hosted in Seattle. This structure has a height of six hundred and five feet. You can go up to the observation platform of the Space Needle for a grand view overlooking the city of Seattle.

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