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The Rainier Valley Neighborhood of Seattle

Rainier Valley is a neighborhood that has a highly diverse population. In fact, it has the most diverse population of the Pacific Coast of the United States of America. This is due to the fact that there are many Asians, African Americans, Mexicans and white people who make up this community. The Rainier Valley community is known for having the most Asians in the region at this present time.

There are many restaurants, such as pizzerias, chain restaurants like McDonald’s, as well as traditional family style restaurants. Moreover, there are delis as well as ethnic restaurants that serve wonderful cuisine.

Rainier Valley is near Seward Park, which is ultimately majestic. Thus, it is truly pleasant to take a day excursion in Beautiful Park. Also, there is the opportunity to enjoy hot air balloon rides. Families can enjoy some bowling and also there is great shopping in Rainier Valley.

The Rainier Valley Neighborhood

This region has many pre-war homes as well as post-war homes, which make the history of this place truly intriguing. Also, a school that demonstrates real excellence is Rainier Beach High School. The school is committed to a high level of excellence in preparing students for their further pursuits in terms of university education and employment.

The RV Cultural Center is a fun place to visit. Also, the African American Museum is highly insightful in regard to the history and lifestyle of African Americans, which have impacted the history of America.

Borrachini’s Bakery is a famous iconic place with great food and intriguing baked goods. Also, there are some other artisan bakeries in the area. It cannot be denied that baked bread and fresh donuts are truly the delights of many residents and visitors.

In terms of employment, Rainier Valley offers jobs for clerk specialists and customer support agents. Also, there are jobs for dental receptionists as well as medical receptionists. As well, jobs can be found in regard to warehouse workers and restaurant workers.

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