The Positive Impact a Furnace Cleaning Has on Each Part of Your System

I think everyone would agree that a furnace service is a good idea, but apart from the obvious benefit of a clean furnace unit, what are the benefits to your heating system? The truth is if left unmaintained the furnace will, at some point, breakdown. But even if maintained it will, at some point, also breakdown. Some parts will eventually need replacing so why not just deal with it when the time comes. Save yourself the trouble and expense – a little dust won’t make much difference in the long run. You think?

Well, that’s maybe not a great strategy. There are some very sensible reasons to periodically have your furnace serviced. For a start, a well maintained furnace will keep on chugging away for many years more than a neglected one will. Also, a lot of the nasty pollutants your furnace actually takes out of the air will, in time, be pumped back into your home if the system isn’t looked after. Then there’s the smells and irritating noises that always accompany a neglected unit. And last but not least, there’s the accumulated cost of running an inefficient furnace for years, which could quite easily become a wearisome hidden burden to your finances.

Furnace Cleaning Benefits and Positive Impact

The furnace housing is the first place to start, and is so often overlooked. External and internal dust, dirt, cobwebs, and pet hair needs to be removed from the housing and around air vents. If not, eventually some of this debris will give off an unpleasant odor when the furnace warms up, and potentially it can become a fire hazard.

Filters are your defense against all the nasty pollutants that will inevitably be drawn through your system. If they’re not cleaned regularly, preferably at the start of a cold Seattle winter, they will clog and become breeding grounds for more sinister bacteria that might end up being pumped into every room in your home. Also, many common allergies can be triggered by dirty HVAC filters.

The blower and, in particular, the blower fan should always be maintained. This area sees a lot of action and the moving parts of the fan and the belts and pulleys will become gradually less efficient if proper furnace repair is not carried out. If the fan is caged this will also need attention as the structure will attract fluff and dust. Over time this will lead to a noticeable decrease in efficiency, and can lead to system failure.

The blower motor should be kept free of all debris to maintain an efficient power output. Also, as the motor’s housing and moving parts may become very hot, fluff and dust can become a potential fire hazard. When cleaning a furnace motor a qualified operative will apply the appropriate lubricants. Ordinary household or automotive oils should never be used in a furnace system.

Furnace cleaning benefits may not be at the top of your to-do list, but as an integral part of your home it needs consideration. Health, safety, and financial benefit are all positives from ensuring a well maintained system. It’s a task that can be carried out by many diligent and practical home owners, but there are also many companies in the Seattle Washington area who can do this for you. To neglect such an important aspect of your home today will almost certainly cost more in the long term. The time or money you’re willing to spend now will be a wise investment in, what is basically, a wonderful piece of home technology.

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