When is the right time to repair my furnace?

If your furnace isn’t working, the best time to repair it is right about now; the second-best time would be before winter starts.

People tend to forget about their furnaces when the scorching summer temperatures keep everyone with more warmth than they can handle – but, before you know it, it’s time to bring your socks out of the wardrobe.

Repairing your furnace during summer is ideal. If you want to do it later, do so when the leaves are turning brown. Other than that, right now sounds about great!

We specialize in gas furnace repair – Contact us at (206) 960-9700. We’ll fix your furnace real fast!

What can cause my furnace to stop working?

There are a couple of things that can go wrong with your furnace: the thermostat, the pilot light, and countless other parts might stop working.

Believe it or not, dirt could be the culprit as well. Your furnace has filters in it – and dirty filters can ruin your furnace. It’ll shut it down overnight. Keeping these filters clean is a must.

If you truly want to know what’s wrong with your furnace, give us a call. We’ll tell you what went wrong – and fix it right after.

Should I repair my old furnace?

Furnaces tend to work properly for a decade or so. After that, the clock starts ticking for your furnace to completely stop working – and repairing it isn’t worth the trouble when the time runs out.

The truth is most furnaces that are past that 15-year mark needs to be replaced.

You might try to keep it alive with constant repairs and maintenance, but after a certain point, you’re spending more money on repairs than you would in a new furnace.

Before you decide to buy a new one, give our guys a call. Your furnace might need a quick fix instead of a brand-new replacement!

How much does it cost to repair a furnace?

Furnace repair costs vary depending on the issue at hand. Don’t worry, though. It will cost much less than buying a new one.

The good thing about calling us to repair your furnace is that we’ll offer an affordable price, a fast furnace repair, and a guarantee that your furnace will work for a long time.

Give us a call at (206) 960-9700, and we’ll start working on fixing your furnace!


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