Do Gas Furnaces Need Regular Maintenance

A gas furnace is a great gas-burning appliance that can save you money on your gas bill each month. However, if it isn’t properly taken care of, then this gas-saving device could end up costing you way more in repairs or replacements down the road.

To avoid this, be sure to have your gas furnace serviced by a gas furnace repair company at least once a year. This gas furnace maintenance is relatively affordable, and can save you loads of money in gas bills over time versus continually repairing

If you live in an older home with limited insulation or poor ventilation, having your gas furnace serviced twice a year by a professional furnace repair technician is another excellent option. Homeowners who live in new homes with improved insulation, HVAC systems, and so on only need to have their gas furnaces serviced once every two years.

In general, gas furnaces that are serviced annually will not need major repairs. If you have been putting off maintenance for a year or more and your gas furnace breaks down, it is likely too late and may require a repair. In some cases, gas furnace technicians can fix gas furnaces after they break down but this would be considered a gas furnace repair rather than gas furnace maintenance.

One of the most common problems with gas furnaces is dirty air filters. These should be changed regularly during colder weather months to keep dust and other particles from clogging up the air flow system inside your heating equipment, causing increased strain on the fan motor and burning out the heating elements much sooner than expected.

What is the procedure for inspection and maintenance of a gas furnace?

Here’s what gas furnace repair professionals will do when they service gas furnaces:

– Inspect gas controls and safety devices such as limit switches, thermostatic controls, motor over-temperature protection devices, and pressure switches.

– Clean or replace air filters if needed. Air filters should be replaced every 6 months.

– Check gas lines and gas valves for signs of gas leaks. Gas leak detectors are equipped with gas detecting disks that change color when exposed to gas fumes.

– Remove lint, dirt, cobwebs, dust, etc. from the furnace cabinet using vacuum or compressed air equipment.

– Inspect gas furnace heat exchangers for leaks.

– Inspect gas furnace burner system for signs of leaks.

– Check fans (blower, blower motor, belts)

– Tighten or adjust gas valves if needed.

– Test all gas control devices to make sure they are in proper working order

How long does a gas furnace last?

Gas furnaces typically last 10 to 15 years. However, gas furnace repair technicians say homeowners should expect their gas furnace to last up to 20 years depending on how well it is maintained and serviced.

However, a gas furnace’s warranty from the manufacturer is usually good for at least 5 years, which means you can receive assistance from gas furnace technicians for your gas furnace that are still covered under the warranty.

How do gas furnace repairs affect gas bills?

Gas furnace repair technicians do not usually suggest replacing gas furnaces until they break down completely. In some cases, gas furnace technicians may recommend a furnace replacement if there is a gas leak or if one of its major components such as the gas burner is defective. Otherwise, a repaired or well working and maintained furnace will run more efficiently saving you money.

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